When is New Year 2025?

New Year 2025 is on Thursday, January 1st (1/1/2025).

What is New Year?

The New Year 2025 begins on January 1st and is the first day of this year and every year. The night before, people worldwide are celebrating the completion of the previous year and celebrating this one.

Most people are taking the first day of the New Year of as they went to sleep late after a late party throughout the night, celebrating the New Year 2025. Families and friends, party with dancing, food and BBQs including alcoholic beverages, and in most parts, also a spectacular firework show. They are tired and just relaxing all day before going back to work the following day.

New Year is the first day of the year and in most countries it is also the first day for the new financial fiscal year for businesses and companies.

What month is New Year 2025?

New Year in 2025 is on the month of January, on Thursday, 1st of the month.

What month is New Year 2025?

New Year in 2025 is celebrated on Thursday, January 1st.

New Year & Christian Holidays and Celebrations
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